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Be immersed in the ultimate mocktail experience.


That you can do food pairing with our mocktails, you already knew of course. But how do you start?

With foodpairing it is important to combine flavours and ingredients that are well balanced and enhance each other.

Our mocktail Beetroot & Ginger can be combined perfectly with cheeses. The soft, earthy flavours of beetroot are in perfect harmony with the flavours of strong cheeses.

Beetroot in combination with the creamy and slightly more acidic taste of feta is a real winner. The balance with a nutty and sweeter taste of goat's cheese also makes for a nice whole. Would you like it to taste a bit stronger? Then a strong blue cheese is the ideal combo. The somewhat spicy taste is nicely balanced by the softness of the beetroot.

Be sure to look for Belgian cheeses, the selection is quite impressive and really worth discovering.