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    Join the club and take out a subscription to The Mocktail Club!

    What are the benefits?
    - You'll get 2 mocktails with the right botanicals delivered to your door every month
    - You don't pay shipping costs
    - You buy the mocktails at a great discount. The larger your subscription, the larger your discount!

    Ideal as a gift or just to pamper yourself :-)
    This way, you only pay €28.5 a month for this subscription instead of €35.89. Good deal right?

    With this subscription you will receive the following mocktails:

    1st month:
    - Basil & Elderflower with botanicals
    - Grapefruit & Vanilla with botanicals

    2nd month
    - Beetroot & Ginger with botanicals
    - Green tea & Orange blossom with botanicals