General terms and conditions
Fortunately, our mocktails are more exciting than our terms and conditions.

1. Quotations and orders

1.1  Each quotation is valid for 7 days and must be confirmed in writing (by e-mail).
1.2 Each order means acceptance by the customer/client of our terms and conditions. 


2.1 The prices are based partly on the daily prices of the raw materials (fruit, herbs, etc.) and can therefore change depending on the season, etc. Previously agreed prices and offers are therefore not binding for subsequent orders.
2.2 Any additional order costs such as delivery costs, special shipping costs, etc. will be charged on top of the prices.
2.3 Adjustments or additions to the agreed quotation will be charged after consultation with the customer/client.
2.4 In case of damage, destruction or loss of the materials used, extra costs will be charged to replace the materials.

3.Delivery and collection times

3.1 If the delivery date agreed upon in writing (by e-mail) is exceeded, the customer/client will be entitled to suspend or cancel the order.
3.2 In the event that the products are not collected on the collection date agreed upon in writing (by e-mail), The Mocktail Club has the right to charge the amount equal to the value of the agreed upon quotation.


4.1 A confirmed order may be cancelled by the customer/client free of charge up until 30 days prior to the delivery or pick-up date agreed upon in writing (by e-mail). Thereafter The Mocktail Club is entitled to charge the amount equal to the value of the agreed quotation.


5.1 All payments owed by the customer/client must have been received by The Mocktail Club within 30 days of the invoice date, without any deduction or set-off, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
5.2 Interest at 10% shall be payable ex officio and without warning upon late payment from the due date.
5.3 If the customer/client does not pay the reminder to pay or the registered letter with demand for payment within 8 days after the date of sending, the amount will automatically be increased by 15% of the remaining amount to be paid at the time of the reminder, with a minimum of EUR 75.
5.4 Each time The Mocktail Club needs to send a reminder, an administration fee of 25,00 EUR (excl. VAT) will be charged.
5.5 The Mocktail Club also reserves the right to suspend the execution of further agreed upon orders in the event of non-payment of its invoices and this on the basis of the adage "exceptio non adimpleti contractus".


6.1 Complaints regarding the products delivered by The Mocktail Club must be made by letter within 7 days of receipt of the product. In the absence of such notification, the products are deemed accepted without any conditions and must be paid for. A complaint cannot justify a suspension of payment.

7.Final provisions

7.1 The Mocktail Club is at all times entitled to change or modify these general conditions without the consent of its customer/client, yet with the obligation to inform the customer/client of such changes in writing.