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Sisters Marie and Kaat Claessens are the beating heart of The Mocktail Club. Our story started with Marie. When she discovered she had alcohol intolerance at age eighteen, Marie felt this was a minor tragedy at first. But soon she turned it into something positive. In 2015, she started a blog in which she shared recipes and inspiration for original mocktails. She created her first bottle in 2017. Barely one year later, Marie was voted the most promising entrepreneur of the Belgian province of East Flanders. Sister Kaat has been helping her to run the business since 2019. Together they mix and shake with great enthusiasm and passion from the first drop to the very last.

Marie Claessens: “The fact that I am not allowed to drink alcohol myself motivates me all the more to find original and above all delicious combinations. There are very few good alternatives to alcoholic beverages around actually. Those of us who don't drink alcohol quickly end up with soft drinks or a glass of fruit juice in their hands, and that is such a shame. At the same time, we have noticed that the demand for alcohol-free, low-sugar alternatives is rising rapidly. More than ever before, people are consciously trying to stay healthy. We like to respond to that by offering quality, non-alcoholic, healthy aperitifs both to private individuals and the hospitality industry."

Meanwhile, you can find The Mocktail Club on the menu of several (star) restaurants, delis, concept stores and supermarkets. The various ready-to-serve mocktails are also available via The Mocktail Club's webshop. You can buy them in 1-litre bottles (good for 6 servings), with or without accompanying botanicals.    

We are not moralists who want to ban alcohol completely from people's lives, but we do want to make you realise that you can be more conscious about it. With our premium alternative, you can alternate without feeling like you're missing anything. Our mocktails are ready-to-serve, so you can put your lips to a tasty and not-so-sweet drink in no time at all

Kaat Claessens • Co-founder The Mocktail Club

Kaat en Marie Claessens

When it comes to quality, Marie and Kaat make no concessions. "We want only the best of the best for all our customers. Both for people who want to enjoy our mocktails at home and in a starred restaurant. That is why we only work with refined, natural ingredients of the very highest quality.”

The mocktails are all prepared with fresh fruits, herbs, spices and unrefined sugars. Their own studio is the place where the magic happens. The result: always new, unique and refreshing flavor combinations.

 “Currently we have eight different flavours. One by one delicious, non-alcoholic cocktails without artificial colors and flavors or preservatives. In addition, our 100% natural mocktails are also low in calories. They are even completely vegan.”

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