Frequently asked questions
The right mocktail for every mood. The right answer to every question.

There are many good reasons for this. First of all, a delicious mocktail is the perfect drink if you don't want to drink alcohol all night. And if you find it incredibly morish, there's no reason to hold back. Our mocktails are also ready-to-serve and therefore extremely convenient: all you have to do is add some ice and botanicals.

What ingredients are in my mocktail?

We only work with organic ingredients: natural herbal infusions and spices, but also high-quality fruit juices. The result is a refined taste of which only Marie and Kaat know the secret recipe.

Our mocktails are prepared with natural products and real juices, and are therefore 100% organic. Using real fruit also means some natural sediment.

We use natural, organic products and as you know, the colour of fruit can vary. Depending on the harvest, the weather and the fruit's origins, the color of the juice and therefore the mocktail may vary.

We only use refined sugar, which is much healthier than regular sugar. The amount of sugar is very limited anyway, so you will never have to worry about ingesting too much sugar.  

Two of our mocktails are completely free of any added sugars: Apple & Thyme and Beetroot & Ginger. The other mocktails are low in sugar.
Most diabetics can therefore drink our mocktails without any problems. Of course, this may depend on your personal situation, so be sure to ask your doctor if you are in any doubt.

First of all, of course, we hope you enjoyed what was in the bottle. The bottle itself can be reused as a vase or a carafe for water. You can also deposit the in a bottle bank to ensure they are recycled properly.

No! The recipes for our mocktails are pure and beautifully balanced. You don't need to add anything more. We have worked very hard on our mocktail recipes, so they are already perfectly seasoned. You can, however, add some botanicals for an extra festive touch.

We do everything we can to get your order to you as soon as possible. We work with Post NL to deliver your parcels. The usual delivery time is 3 workings days. Of course, in the event that anything goes wrong along the way, we will be monitoring everything closely.

Where can I buy your mocktails?

You can find our mocktails at you local liquor store, deli or concept store. Prefer to have your mocktails delivered to your home?
Simply order in our webshop.

How long can I keep a bottle?

An unopened bottle has a shelf life of 9 months, even though it contains no preservatives. Once the bottle has been opened, you can keep it in the fridge (<7°C) for another 3 days.

Send an email to and we will make sure you receive a new bottle. Simply attach a photo of the damage and we will do the rest.

An aperitif should not be sweet. Too much sugar satisfies the appetite, which is exactly what an aperitif should not do.

Always drink our mocktails ice cold. Serve the chilled mocktails with 4 ice cubes. We prefer ice cubes to crushed ice, which tends to melt too quickly and dilute the mocktail too much.

Garnish the mocktail with the appropriate botanicals. The bottle will tell you which herbs and botanicals suit your mocktail the best. You can order the dried botanicals from our webstore. You can also use some fresh herbs to add a gorgeous finishing touch. This makes the mocktail look extra festive and will stimulate your sense of smell as well as your taste buds. The smell of fresh herbs in your glass will enhance the experience.  

We are always sorry to hear that a customer wants to return their bottle, but we gladly accept returns up to 14 days after delivery. Simply send an email to for the return conditions. And make sure to let us know why you want to return your bottle.