Rammanas spring roll

Paired with N°3 Beetroot & Ginger

Rammanas spring roll 


  • black radish (1)
  • beetroot juice (22cl)
  • cucumber (1)
  • carrots (150g) 
  • enoki (mushrooms) (50g)
  • spring onion (1)
  • fresh dill (10g)
  • capuchin leaf (10g)
  • carrots (200g)
  • olive oil (5cl)
  • curry (7g)
  • cumin (2g)
  • salt (7g)
  • fresh lemon juice (2cl)
  • greek yoghurt (125g)
  • sunflower oil (12cl)
  • nuts and seeds of your choice
  • fresh herbs of your choice (ex.parsley)

Requirements: aluminum foil & blender


Make thin slices of the radish and marinate with the beetroot juice. Cut julienne of hard vegetables, season with salt and pepper.
Place the vegetables, fresh dill and capuchin leaves on the radish slices and roll them up.

For the dip, roast the carrots (sprinkle with olive oil, salt (4g) and curry (5g)) in the oven at 200 degrees with aluminum foil around them until tender.

Add the cooked carrots (with peel) to the blender along with cumin, salt (3g), curry (2g), fresh lemon juice and Greek yogurt. Mix well and then stir in the sunflower oil. Garnish with nuts, seeds and some fresh herbs.

Festive mocktail 
by Catering Cachette

Mocktail Garnish: 

  • chickpea juice (3cl) or aqua fuba (3 drops))
  • ice cubes (4)

Benodigdheden: shaker & zeefje

Doe de Beetroot & Ginger mocktail (150 ml) en het ijs in een shaker. 
Voeg het kikker-erwtensap of de druppels aqua fuba toe. 
Shake met ijsblokken en giet dit door een zeef in een glas.


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