Nutritional scientist, biomedical researcher, founder of Insentials, and author of the book 
'Er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt.

MOCKTAIL MEETS | 25.05.2023

Hi Amandine, thank you so much for taking the time for us! You are known as a powerwoman with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

I am Amandine, a nutrition scientist, mother of two daughters, and the founder of Insentials. Insentials, which has been in existence for 2 years now, offers vitamins based on a revolutionary technology that makes every woman shine. 

And recently, I have also become an author. I am thrilled that 'Er ligt meer op je lever dan je denkt' has been a bestseller for many weeks now! In my book, I aim to uncover the science behind a healthy lifestyle and emphasize the importance of preventive medicine. 

And the title says it all: the liver is extremely important. It produces hormones, stores sugars, provides you with energy, and takes care of metabolism and fat burning. It's high time to give this organ a bit more attention. 

You say that 95% of women suffer from vitamin deficiencies. That is really significant. A concerning figure. How did it get so high? Has it always been like this?

Vitamin deficiency in women is a harsh reality. Healthy diet and sufficient exercise are absolutely essential, but nowadays, that's no longer enough. Take vitamin D, for example - we don't get enough of it, even though it's so important for women. 

And let's not forget about stress, which directly affects our B12 levels. And folic acid? It's crucial for cell renewal, even if you're not pregnant! And there are many reasons for this, which we can't control ourselves. Consider the amount of processed food, nutrient-depleted soils, and decreased vitamin levels in our fruits and vegetables. We mustn't underestimate the impact of pollution either!

In all your research and expertise, what is your view on non-alcoholic drinks in a healthy lifestyle? 

Alcohol is a no-go for our liver, and we all agree on that. I'm not saying that you can't drink alcohol, but in a healthy lifestyle, alcohol should be kept to a minimum.

There are also many non-alcoholic drinks that claim to be a healthy alternative, such as vitamin waters and pre-packaged smoothies you buy at the supermarket. What do you think about them? 

As a nutrition scientist, I am quite critical of this. Sugars are just as harmful to our liver as alcohol. I find it amusing when someone says, "I don't drink alcohol," but consumes a lot of sugars. So beware of hidden sugars!

When people make a choice for a non-alcoholic alternative, what should they look for on the label?

That's not easy. I would say, look at the order of the ingredients. If sugar is listed at the top, it's better to avoid it. This applies to supplements as well. Many supplements use fillers as the first ingredient, but at Insentials, we never do that. 

Sugars are equally harmful to your liver as alcohol. Therefore, be sure to check the label of non-alcoholic drinks.

Amandine  • Founder van Insentials 

What do you think of The Mocktail Club as a company and as a product?

It is an amazing product with surprising flavors. It is refreshing, innovative, and even has a bit of a kick! I love that The Mocktail Club dares to experiment with herbs like chili and thyme. Herbs play a significant role in preventive medicine. Why stick to just salt and pepper when you can do so much more with other herbs like turmeric, chili, and curry? Herbs are super healthy for our metabolism and can alleviate various ailments. And the fact that it contains little sugar makes it even better

What's your favorite mocktail?

I really like chili, so N°7 Lemongrass & Chili. I think it is a delicious and spicy combination. 

You're truly a bundle of energy. Can you share one of your health secrets or daily habits?

Eating healthy and exercising are the foundation, and in addition, I also take my vitamins, of course. I can also recommend always looking at the root cause of your ailments. For example, if I've had a poor night's sleep, it often causes an overloaded liver, and I try to address that.

The Mocktail Club demonstrates that mocktails can also be enjoyable during other moments of the day, such as brunch. How would your perfect brunch look like?

No croissants! (laughs). They don't contain any nutritious substances. I would rather go for a sunny-side-up egg with a runny yolk - it's packed with choline, which is good for our liver. With an omelet, for example, you don't get this benefit! 

And I prefer to start with a lemon shot, which is great for acidity. Healthy plant-based fats, such as avocado and a piece of salmon, are always on my list as well. And of course, a bread rich in nuts and seeds is always a good choice too!