Do you want to impress your guests by giving your served mocktails that extra touch? 

On our recipe page, under 'Garnish Guide' you will find serving tips for each mocktail, at different levels from easy to slightly more difficult, but always achievable! 

You can, for instance, finish them with one of our botanicals in combination with fresh herbs. 

You can also finish your mocktail festively with an edible flower. Your mocktail will immediately look very stylish and you can easily grow those edible flowers yourself! 

How do you grow edible flowers? 

You currently receive free flower seeds with your purchase from our 
webshop. Sow the seeds in a large pot and make sure they are half a centimetre below the surface. The best sowing period is from April to mid-July. 

Then place the pot in a sunny spot indoors and keep the soil moist and free of weeds. With love and patience, you will get a mix of pansies, cornflowers, calendula, borage and snapdragons. 

Give your flowers a gentle transition outside by putting the pot outside briefly every now and then. When summer is over, cut them to 5cm high, let them dry and then shake out the seeds with a spade for colourful, edible flowers next year! 

Be sure to share your photos of your pimped mocktails with #mocktailmoment!