Recept: Oosterse sobanoedels

Ingredients (2p):

  • soba noodles (50g)
  • fish sauce (5ml)
  • sesame oil (7ml)
  • coriander (8g)
  • edamame beans (100g)
  • broccolini (100g)
  • cashew nuts (20g)
  • chili pepper (10g)
  • red onion (20g)
  • zest of 1/2 lime 


Boil the soba noodles and season with fish sauce, sesame oil and the zest of half a lime.

Boil the beans and broccolini briefly in salted water and add to the coriander and edamame.

Serve in a bowl and finish with fried cashew nuts, chili pepper and red onion. If desired, you can marinate the red onion in sugar water (½ water and ½ sugar).

Festive mocktail 
by Catering Cachette

Mocktail Garnish: 

  • lemon verbena (5g)
  • citrus african (10g)
  • chives (1 stem)
  • ice cubes (4)
  • zest of lemon


Serve the Green tea & Orange blossom mocktail (150 ml) on ice. Finish with a green herb bouquet. Tie the herbs together with chives like a bouquet. Top with lime zest.